Hi Debbie, thanks again for your demo today at KM. I spent a few unrushed, quality minutes with my old mare tonight after our ride, and was rewarded with some lovely moments of real connection. It was magic. Just wanted to share it with you – thanks again. Am looking forward to building on tonight’s progress with her. And it was so simple! Ha ha, I can see you nodding.

Lyndsay Turnbull

Words can’t convey how much coming here has changed me & my horse. To be in this environment and meeting new & like-minded people has given me such joy and hope for the future – And I thank you all!

Donna McKenzie

Thank you all for a really lovely relaxed day. It’s great to have a place/group where you can express yourself openly and without judgement.

Anna Reeves

I always come away from MoM’s feeling reinvigorated and hugely positive about our continuing journey so THANK YOU.

Zelda Perkins

If you get the chance to go to a Meeting Of Minds day, grab it, a really safe space to explore new, old and thoughtful horsemanship

Sarah Staple-West

Just back from an amazing weekend with wonderful people & horses…it was an inspirational, emotionally awakening day & thank you to everyone who was there.

Lou Wilks

You have beautiful energy Debbie and a way to instill confidence and safety for anyone wanting to do this work with you.

Fiona Paul

Thank you to everyone for an excellent series… the sharing, enthusiasm, commitment & input from a fascinating range of experts’ results in an inspiring, stretching & affirming experience.

Hazel-Ann Willson

Debbie did a wonderful Demo partnered one at a time by two of the college horses… it was such a lovely demo – and I was quite moved by the connection she created with the two horses and an inexperienced handler (who didn’t know the horse) to me Debbie’s interaction with these horses was inspirational to watch – and complement those times when we are not actively training with the clicker but we don’t want to be using aversive’s or avoidance in our interactions.

Carolyn Jenkinson

“Today I had a couple of hours with Bobby, and had real progress with him in the school. As before he had an enormous outpouring of energy to start with, which was fun. Once he had calmed down he lunged very well then when turned loose he circled up just as though he was still attached, stopped and started on demand and then followed me round and round the school stopping and starting as I asked! I am fully convinced that your methods are definitely the way to his heart after that. Also that at least some of what you taught me has sunk in! Which is a result in itself! A most enjoyable experience after a really bad week, all thanks to you, bless you. All the very best, Martin.”

Martin & Bobby

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