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A Meeting of Minds program, bringing together a wide variety of guest trainers, behaviourists, coaches & therapists, to explore the foundations of good horsemanship, whatever your preferred training method, style or approach may be. Creating a safe space for horse lovers, owners & equine professionals to come together with an open-mind & non-judgemental manner, to share knowledge & skills for the good of the horses.

“Be curious, not judgemental” – Walt Whitman

    Providing an amazing, innovative and unique opportunity to:

  • Join in with other horse lovers, trainers and specialists helping to identify the keys to good horsemanship; all sharing knowledge and skills for the benefit of the horses.
  • Gain insights and instruction from different trainers and specialists helping to find methods or approaches which work for you and your horse.
  • Explore the ‘Understanding Equus’ model and learn through demonstration, discussion and hands on exercises, the tools you need to optimize your relationships.
  • Challenge your beliefs and open your mind to the possibilities of taking your equine partnerships to new levels using a fun, relaxed, open-minded & non-judgmental approach.


Check out our previous ‘Meeting of Minds’ (MOM) Series, our amazing guest speakers and benefit from what we have explored on the program so far. Flicker Photos

Series 1 – Exploring ‘Building trust-based relationships’ with founder member & host Carolyn Bourchier at The New Horse. Questioning a variety of horsemanship techniques, identifying good horsemanship and de-mystifying the term ‘horse whispering’.

Series 2 – Exploring the skills, knowledge & understanding required within the 3 key areas of Communication, Understanding & Partnership, to build on our spiral of learning. In association with Carolyn Bourchier at The New Horse with guest speakers; Franklin Levinson, Hazel-Ann Willson, Brenda Henney & Rachel Boase.

Series 3 – Exploring our relationships ‘From ground to ridden’ & looking at the importance of a holistic approach. In association with Carolyn Bourchier at The New Horse, with guest speakers; Patty Burrows, Cathy Sirett, Franklin Levinson & Trudy Affleck.

Series 4 – Exploring our relationships & identifying the keys to optimizing our Communication, Understanding & Partnership skills. In association with Carolyn Bourchier at The New Horse, with guest speakers; Amanda Barton, Shawna Karrasch, Trudy Affleck, Nicola Chamberlain, Lou Wilks & Fiona Habershon.


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