Hi Debbie, thanks again for your demo today at KM. I spent a few unrushed, quality minutes with my old mare tonight after our ride, and was rewarded with some lovely moments of real connection. It was magic. Just wanted to share it with you – thanks again. Am looking forward to building on tonight’s progress with her. And it was so simple! Ha ha, I can see you nodding.

Lyndsay Turnbull

It was such a great day. I just love to watch you work! Could sit there all day!!! x

Lorrie Bee

We came up from Hampshire, your demo made it all worthwhile. We rushed back and tried it. Your explanation was clear which did in fact make the practical simple! Thank you.

Beverley Dyer

The whole concept, Meeting of Minds is such a great one — EVERYONE ends up learning so much it is wonderful!

Cathy Sirett

A very thought provoking day! Thoroughly enjoyable and challenging, excellent combination!

Athena Networking Group

I no longer have any fear… After being afraid to even move her from one paddock to another, I now have no fear. I am happy to lead her anywhere, we can ride out on our own, and if we come across something that she is not sure about, we work through it quietly & calmly.

Helen & Grace

Wow, reeling – so much to take in! Thank you so very much for today’s session I thought it was fabulous and feel that I am now beginning to move into the kind of horsemanship and understanding I feel is right for Georgie and I. A new path and it feels exciting 🙂

Ginny & George

After an in depth chat with regards to both my filly & her dams history I was then observed going about the usual things with them both. It was in this observation that a few things were discovered that I hadn’t realized before until Debbie pointed them out to me. Never did I ever feel uncomfortable or that I was being judged negatively, in fact Debbie’s approach to horsemanship is like a breath of fresh air, she not only observes the relationship the owner has with their horse but also observes what the horse is telling her too, this is when she can help to improve the relationship by improving the communication between horse & owner.

I’m so happy to report that my relationship with my filly has improved in just two very short but sweet sessions, as Debbie pointed out, there is no need to keep going over it until the horse gets fed up & starts the behaviour you’re trying to avoid. It all makes perfect sense now & the knowledge I have gained has given me back the confidence I was lacking.

Liz Ekrem

I feel that me and my horse have benefited from this, also he is more relaxed. I had a GREAT time, learned so much it’s made me want to learn more and more. Thank you so much, I will cherish this always.

Nikki Alford

Had a fantastic experience with Debbie Reilly in her demo, thank you so much for the opportunity… it really helped my understanding to take part and see and feel it happening for myself. It was a truly wonderful opportunity, thank you. Xx

Charlotte Stanton