Recommended Associates

For the horse

Trudy Affleck – Physiotherapist, TTouch & TTouch Equine Awareness Method (TTEAM) practitioner, with a special interest in donkeys:

Trinity Consultants – leading UK equine nutrition consultancy and feed formulators of special purpose feeds:

For the rider:

Cathy Sirett – Author and confidence coach, helping you to become your own confidence coach with the ‘Self Coaching for confidence’ programs:

Gina Hemmings – Registered Chartered Physiotherapist, APPI Pilates Instructor and Equipilates Trainer:

Rosalind Green – Alexander technique lessons for riders, embodied learning helping you to become more informed about your use of self, in relation to your horse:

For horse & rider

Carina Di Battista – Therapeutic options for Humans & Animals, integrating a wide variety of healing mediums, including; Reiki/Healing, Masterson Method, EMMETT Technique, Sports Massage Therapy, Myofascial release, Kinesiology etc: See listing on UK Practitioners / Coaches

Debbie Aitkinson – Healer, therapist, writer and teacher, offering distant healing, readings, animal communication & essences. Finding and assisting you to heal the root cause of the issues, either you, or your horse are experiencing:

Fiona Paul – Intuitive energy healer for horses and humans. Animal behaviourist combining Energy Healing, Animal Communication, Tellington Touch and Zoopharmacognosy to bring back balance both physically and emotionally:

Meeting of Minds

Guest Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and Behaviourists

Amanda Barton – Integrating ideas from yoga, martial arts and NLP to help each horse and rider to find softness and connection:

Brenda Henney – Silversand Instructor & Horsemanship coach: See Listing

Carolyn Bourchier – Horsemanship & Liberty trainer & founder of ‘The New Horse’ Influenced by Carolyn Resnick, she invites compassionate trainers to run clinics at her farm:

Caitlin Collins – qualified counsellor, NLP Trainer, classical riding instructor and experienced coach. Her book, Heart to Heart with Your Horse – the Horse-Lover’s Guide to Self-Coaching is available from Amazon:

Fran Griffith – Natural Horsemanship and Level One Rider Biomechanics Coach & teaches throughout the UK:

Franklin Levinson – ‘The Gentle-Man of horsemanship’ supporting excellence in the horse/human relationship globally, through compassionate and wisdom based horsemanship with developed trust at it’s core:

Lou Wilks – Natural horsemanship trainer, Horse Agility accredited trainer and Masterson Method practitioner, based in North Lincolnshire:

Patty Burrows – Centered Riding® instructor, combining knowledge of classical dressage, biomechanics, NLP/sports psychology, Body Control Pilates and Thai Chi to provide a holistic approach to riding:

Nicola Chamberlain – Equine & canine applied animal behaviourist using appetitive or reward based training:

Rachel Boase – Equine Craniosacral Therapy (ECST, RCST) and Masterson Method (MMCP, mentor) as well as Shiatsu (MRSS T):

Shawna Karrash – Founder of the On Target training system in 1995 based on over 100years of behavioural science, described as the ultimate +ve reinforcement trainer:

Sue Gardner – Founder of the Applied Equine Behaviour home study courses and qualified healer:

Other useful links & resources

The Path of the Horse – Full Length Documentary.

The Non-Ridden Equine Association UK – Providing resources and promoting the benefits, life enrichment, wellbeing and welfare of the many non-ridden equines here in the UK:

Horsemanship Training

Horse Conscious:

Carolyn Resnick:

Marijke De Jong:

Connection Training:

Horse Health


Zoopharmacognosy – Caroline Ingraham:

TTouch / TTEAM – Linda Tellington Jones:

Masterson Method – Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork: