Photo credit: Lorrie B
Photo credit: Lorrie B
Photo credit: Lorrie B
Photo credit: Lorrie B

Bespoke talks, demo’s, training days and courses, for riding clubs, colleges, groups, individuals and those working with equines. Developed to increase skills, knowledge and understanding within the 3 key areas of the ‘Understanding Equus’ relationship model: Communication, Understanding & Partnership (CUP), all helping people to build compassionate, trust-based relationships and inspire learning and development, with confidence and fun.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin 1706

Topics include:

  • Equine ethology and behaviour.
  • Communication and emotions.
  • The neuroscience of change.
  • Learning theories and adapting behaviour.
  • Equine senses and psychology.
  • Attachment, bonding and liberty training.
  • Physical development and biomechanics of riding.
  • Classical / natural / positive / alternative training methods.
  • Health and performance.
  • Management and problem solving.
  • Personal development, self awareness and partnership skills.


For more info on the ‘Understanding Equus’ Foundation Program and our bespoke workshops, including Confidence building, Ground training and rehabilitation and Problem Solving, please see UE Workshops & Courses.

If you would like to arrange a talk, demo, or workshop for a group in your area, then please contact Debbie directly on 07715732278 or via the contact link below.

Alternatively, if you would like to find out about events coming up, then please sign up for our Newsletter at the bottom of this page and ‘like’ the Understanding Equus Facebook page here.


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