Foster Carer

“Debbie has been amazing! She not only has a rapport with animals but with children as well! She is kind, patient and understanding. **** has really enjoyed spending time with her and the horses, and has learnt lots too, thank … Read More

Foster Carer

“I think **** has learnt the importance of safety. Also, how remaining calm is more positive… His behaviour has improved and the odd time he has been challenging, he has been able to turn it around, resulting in positive behaviour.”

Head of Achievement at Dorset School

It has been very beneficial for ***** to attend the ‘Building Connections’ programme. He has lost many of his worries and is more confident in himself. ***** has returned from each session in a relaxed and calm manner and is … Read More

Young Person in Care

Bouncing around scares him! If I am aggressive, he will be aggressive back, if I am calm, he can be calm back.

Foster Carer

I feel it has built his trust up a lot, calmed his behaviour, and developed his empathy. I have seen a massive change in ****.

CAMHS Social Worker

It is obvious by using EAL **** is learning to experience and manage the horses emotional state. By helping the horse to regulate and relax, he is learning strategies to help himself to regulate and relax.

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