Martin & Bobby

“Today I had a couple of hours with Bobby, and had real progress with him in the school. As before he had an enormous outpouring of energy to start with, which was fun. Once he had calmed down he lunged … Read More

Caroline & Eric

Thanks for your excellent consultation yesterday with Eric. Working with him in Liberty was a real eye opener and showed just how willing and sensitive he really is. Having a plan to go forward with, to help him over his … Read More

Debbie Riley

Debbie’s calm, knowledgeable and compassionate input has helped our horse trust again; I can ‘read’ her more clearly, I know when she is feeling insecure, or tense and now I have the tools to work with her and respect her … Read More

Kath & Ruby

Thank you for today ‪Debbie !! One relaxed, happy horse !! Ruby and I are both loving working with you and I am amazed at the progress she is making xx

Liz Ekrem

After an in depth chat with regards to both my filly & her dams history I was then observed going about the usual things with them both. It was in this observation that a few things were discovered that I … Read More

Ginny & George

Wow, reeling – so much to take in! Thank you so very much for today’s session I thought it was fabulous and feel that I am now beginning to move into the kind of horsemanship and understanding I feel is … Read More

Helen & Grace

I no longer have any fear… After being afraid to even move her from one paddock to another, I now have no fear. I am happy to lead her anywhere, we can ride out on our own, and if we … Read More

Liz & Spirit

I would like to thank Debbie for her help & guidance & would recommend a coaching session to anyone who is having problems with their horse or maybe just wants to improve their human/horse relationship”.